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Reasons to choose Tahe

Our way to understand fertility

By dealing with people, we are so concern about the high emotional cost involved on fertility treatments. There is a strong commitment to care and support of our patients, making them feel welcome and comfortable, ensuring that all the treatment information is provided and also that our patients understand perfectly the procedure they are dealing with and why. Every patient is unique in Tahe.

Our professional team has a long experience

Our highly qualified team of professional has an extensive background in reproductive medicine. They are focus on the top care of our patients during the whole treatment.

Our excellent results

Our success rates reflect our high standards and our expertise. Our results are world-class, but as important as our pregnancy rates is the high satisfaction of our patients. They continuously fill up our quality survey (quality standard ISO 9001/2008) and over 90% of our patients consider their overall experience center as excellent. There is no waiting list for your treatment, which is also a plus.

Last technology available

Because we are at the forefront of last technology in reproductive medicine, offering EmbryoScope technology and different new techniques in order to achieve the best results.

Tahe Fertilidad is designed for patients

Because Tahe Fertilidad is designed around our patients, to make them feel as comfortable as possible during the whole treatment, in a relaxing environment, modern design, considering your needs. We have individual waiting rooms, spacious rooms, state of the arts facilities.

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