The mind/body program for Fertility

The MIND/BODY PROGRAM FOR FERTILITY is a personalized program designed to prepare the patient, physically and emotionally, for treatment.

It includes a body awareness work, breathing techniques and relaxation, and also a creative part:

  • Body awareness exercises: they will facilitate the release and relaxation of body areas related to fertility.
  • Breathing exercises and helping to relax: we learn how to improve receptivity in those organs related to fertility treatment (ovaries, uterus, etc.).
  • Creative part: We will manage to work in a more positive, optimistic and creatively way about our thoughts, mental blocks and negative thoughts, in order to calm our minds.

Once the Mind/Body program is completed, we will be able to relive stress and cope with the fertility treatment in a most receptive, optimist and responsive manner, which will help us to increase our chances of achieving our dream.

Victoria Andreu, psychologist and experienced yoga teacher, will be the person in chart of guiding you to find your personalized practice.

Acupunture for fertility

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the application of thin needles into specific body points. These points are located on energy pathways or channels called “meridians” and stimulated by this application. Each treatment is designed to improve the flow and balance of vital energy or “Qi” through these meridians.

Acupuncture can be considered as a complementary therapy for fertility treatments. It helps for relaxation and stress relief during the treatment; it can activate the blood flow of the reproductive organs, etc.

Yoga for fertility

Yoga is an ancient system that, among other objectives, aims to harmonize the body and mind to achieve wellbeing in the life of people.

There are certain “asanas” (postures) that produce in our body an improvement of blood circulation, that our nervous system is calmer, others facilitate the stretching of certain muscles, etc.

In that way, each of the asanas can help our muscular body to be more relaxed, and therefore our most receptive organs, in particular, the ones that we are interested in: our reproductive organs. Yoga for fertility goes farther away the posture itself. It is not just a physical work, but also mental and emotional.