The key to happiness

Tells the legend that before humanity was born, a group of mischievous pixies got together.

One of them said:

-Soon humans will be created. It’s not fair that they will have so many virtues and so many possibilities. We should do something to make it more difficult for them. Let’s give them vices and flaws, so that they’ll bring about their own destruction.

The oldest pixie replied:

-It is foreseen that they will have flaws and temptations, but it will only make them more whole. We should take something away from them so that every day will be a trial.
-What fun!!!!
-they all cried.

But one young perceptive pixie, sitting in a corner, said:

-We should take something important away… But what?

After great consideration, the old pixie said:

-I know! Let’s take away the key to happiness.
-Fantastic! Excellent idea!
-shouted the pixies, dancing in joy around their cauldron.

The old pixie went on:

-But where can we hide the key so they’ll never find it?

The first pixie spoke again:

-Let’s hide it at the top of the highest mountain.

But another replied:

-No, remember that they are strong and daring. They will climb the mountain and find the key, and the trials will be overcome.

The third pixie said:

-We can hide it at the bottom of the sea.
-No said another, remember that they are curious. One of them will build a machine to swim in the sea and they will find it there.

The third pixie replied:

-Let’s chose a planet. But the others said: No, remember they are intelligent. One day thy will build a ship that can travel to other planets, and they will discover it.

An old pixie, who had been listening in silence, stood up and said:

-I think I know where to put it, somewhere they’ll never find it.

They all looked at him, surprised, and asked:


The pixie replied:

-We can hide it inside them. Right next to their heart.

All the pixies laughed and clapped their hands:

-Ha ha ha! They’ll be so busy looking for it elsewhere, that they’ll never know they have it inside all along!

The young sceptical pixie said:

-Humans have the right to be happy, sooner or later somebody will be wise enough to work it out, and then everybody will know.

-Maybe they will, said the oldest pixie, But they also have an innate mistrust of simplicity. If one of them discovers that the secret is inside each one of them, nobody will believe it.

If you find the meaning of your life you will find the key to happiness.


We spend all our lives looking for it and perhaps it is easier to find, and closer than we think. Or… not?

Where will it be?