“”I have recently undergone fertility treatment at the Tahe Fertilidad in Murcia, Spain. Both my husband & I are looking forward to the arrival of our baby son in May after being successful first time.We both can only recommend highly this lovely clinic which is not only professional but has a friendly & relaxed atmosphere. After our first meeting with Nuria we knew this was the clinic for us & we would like to thanks all the staff who we’re amazing! A special thanks to Nuria & Ana who even now provide advise & keep in touch which has given the whole experience a personal feel!I think the treatment was value for money & have already recommended the Tahe Fertilidad to a friend having fertility issues. This clinic was recommended by a friend of a friend who also had success & now has a baby girl.The clinic was modern. Staff friendly & kind! Going through fertility treatment at times can be a stressful experience & this was reduced greatly with a few smiles from all at the Tahe Fertilidad!””


“”I would like to take the time to thank you forever thing you have done for us. Having had multiple failed treatments in the UK our spirits were rock bottom, we decided to try one final time in a new clinic. After some research we chose Tahe Fertilidad and arranged our first consultation with Dr Juan Carlos. From our first consultation we were blown away with the positive advice given and the dream of becoming a family could become reality. With the custom treatment plan given to us and how well we were looked after during the treatment we had our most positive result to date. We now have a healthy son and options to further extend our family which we plan to do in 2015.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you for everything.”


“”4 years ago we discontinued contraception and looked forward to a future family life. At this time we did not know what was expecting us in the next few years to fulfill our desire to have children … After several tests they told us that we could not avoid an artificial insemination (AI) if we wanted our own children. Full of confidence we made a hormone therapy but both times we were pulled out of our hopes, because my body did not respond to the treatment as we hoped. Our deepest wish having children still was missing which is why we decided to discuss other possibilities like for instance egg donation with the physicians. Then we came in contact with Dr. Hermann. After close contact, countless answered questions and one telephone call with an affected couple, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to venture this step. When we planned the vacation we decided to stay for two weeks in Spain to start the treatment at Tahe Fertilidad as “relaxed as possible”. Which basically meant not only waiting, being worried and hoping but also catch some sun, to swim in the ocean and much more things which were next up on the agenda. During the two weeks at the clinic we felt that we were in such good hands. They informed us in a very open and professional way about all different steps and the staff did care for us with so much patience and empathy. We will never forget the day of transfer. The night before we hardly slept and went to the clinic with plenty of hope but at the same time we were frightened of the transfer. Except for my husband who nearly passed out during the transfer everything went as planned. Then came the real challenging part of the entire treatment, waiting for the result of the pregnancy test. On the one hand, we were full of hope and confidence and on the other hand I did not wanted to look forward too much, in case of falling into a deep hole after a negative result. As our positive pregnancy was confirmed we hardly could not believe our luck. After two weeks we made the ultrasound check and they told us that we were expecting two children which made us incredibly happy.””


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