Single Women

Spanish law currently states that a single women may have children through assisted reproduction treatment, using sperm anonymously donated to a sperm bank.

The medical team and the patient decide between them the most appropriate course of treatment depending on the patient’s situation. It may be artificial insemination, or in the case of a problem, IVFmay be recommended.

The steps are very simple:

  1. At your first visit to TAHE FERTILIDAD, we will carry out a complete study to determine which is the best treatment for your case.
  2. Once we have selected the technique, you must come to the clinic on the first day of your cycle (day 1 of your period) to begin the treatment.

I was able to fulfill my desire to have my little Ethan, thanks to the semen donation insemination, I enjoyed an unbeatable treatment in the clinic and a few days of holidays in the sunny Murcia.

Alicia, London