Standards of Quality
Control of the External Quality

Tahe Fertilidad

Standards of Quality

The quality and environmental policy is defined by the head office of TAHE FERTILIDAD within the mission of the company and includes all of the elements which are involved in the process; clients and employees.

It provides the framework of reference and revises the objectives of the company. The policy is defined in the following document and it is comunicated to all the company staff ensuring its knowledge to proceed.

The policy of TAHE FERTILIDAD is defined according to several perspectives:

Patient perspective

To consistently increase the level of patient satisfaction, by studying any dissatisfactions and resolving them.

Staff perspective

To provide all staff with the training and resources necessary to enable them to carry out their duties to the standards required.

Supplier perspective

To continually collaborate on ideas to create higher quality of service.

Procedure perspective

On-going adaptation of all procedures to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Service perspective

To modernise in accordance with patient needs and with the advances made in the field of fertility and gynaecology.

To provide a service that satisfies patient needs and legal and regulatory requirements.

Improvement perspective

Through the establishment and revision of objectives relevant to the policy.
Establishment, revision and improvement of our management system.

The head office of TAHE FERTILIDAD admits that the environmental policy, from the environmental point of view, is a machine used to establish and enhance the system of management. It is defined and ensured that the environmental policy:

  • Is appropriate to the character, magnitude and environmental impacts of its activities and services.
  • Includes the agreement of the continuous enhancement and prevention of the contamination.
  • Includes the agreement to follow the legislation and applicable rules within the environmental area, as well as the rest of the requirements.
  • Provides the framework to establish and revise the environmental objectives and goals.
  • Is documented, established and updated, and communicated to the employees.
  • Is at the public’s disposal.

In response to he growing necessity of conservation and enhancement of the environment which additionally, due to the increasing environmental awareness of the society, is an obligation, has decided to conduct its business activities in such a way that they cause the least negative environmental impact.

Therefore, the head office of TAHE FERTILIDAD announces the following declaration of the ”Environmental Policy” and commits itself to spread it, to make sure it is followed and supervises its fulfillment in all the company:

  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will fulfill the current environmental legislation and other environmental requirements that are accepted by the organization, making sure the adoption in advance of the measures, changes and modifications.
  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will make a necessary effort in order to use the available means in an efficient way.
  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will take into account the principle of the prevention of the contamination in the clinic.
  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will establish actions in order to achieve the enhancement of the environmental management by the introduction of the adequate methodology and practice with the aim of defining the environmental objectives and goals as well as evaluating the grade of its fulfillment.
  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will carry out, in keeping with the principle of the continuous enhancement and reduction of environmental impact, revisions and audits of the established management system, with certain frequency, in order to fulfill what has been established.
  • TAHE FERTILIDAD will collaborate with authorities, clients, providers, employees and with all the audience in order to promote the culture that benefits environmental protection.

Therefore, all the staff is involved in the process, so that it is possible to maintain and develop the established management system which is enhanced continuously.

Tahe Fertilidad

Control of the External Quality

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