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What are the MACS?

Immunomagnetic sperm selection, also known as annexin columns, is a novel non-invasive technology based on magnetic sperm separation or Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS), which selects non-apoptotic sperm and non-fragmented DNA.

What this technique consist of?

It consists of the use of tiny magnetic particles called Annexin V, which are incubated with the semen sample and stick to the apoptotic (fragmented) sperm. These sperm have a high affinity for these particles and after a period of incubation, the sample is passed by a column exposed to a small magnetic field. The apoptotic sperm will be trapped in the column and the healthy ones will swim to the botton, where they will be collected in a tube and used in the corresponding assisted reproduction treatment.

In which patients are the MACS indicated?

  • Patients with poor sperm quality.
  • Patients with a high rate of sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • Patients with poor embryo quality in previous cycles.
  • Patients presenting an altered sperm FISH.
  • Patients who have experienced repeat abortions.
  • Patients with two cycles of treatment of assisted reproduction without pregnancy.
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