I used to dream like you

“Like any little girl playing with dolls, I used to dream that one day I would grow up, get married, have children and, as the end of a princess story, live happily ever after; but I never thought the happy ending would take so long to arrive” ( From the book “I want to have a child”, Carmen Martinez Jover )

 Throughout our life we have learned certain ways of approaching situations, sometimes in a conscious manner and sometimes subconsciously, as demonstrated in the quotation above.We thought things were going to be “like that”, with no more questioning, and then maybe one day it doesn’t happen “like that”.  What starts as a minor difficulty, can develop into something distressing and overwhelming.It is important that we understand it is nobody’s fault , and we should keep working through the setbacks that we may find, by trying to have control of the situation in the best possible way.