The aim of our first appointment is to understand in depth the reasons which may justify that you still have not achieved pregnancy, and also to explain the different options of treatments for your case.

Regarding this, we would love you to come and meet us personally. But as we are aware that sometimes this is not possible, we give you the option to organize our first appointment with our specialists via Skype or telephone. If it is needed, there will be an interpreter during the meeting and following the case since the beginning, to make sure that communication is fluent and language is never a barrier.

In case you are able to come to Murcia for a first visit, we offer you the possibility to freeze a semen sample, if the sample permits it, in order to reduce the time you should stay in Murcia during the treatment. In that case you could plan to come only for the date of the embryo transfer.

Our main purpose is you to finish the consultation with a clear view of your situation, and with enough confidence and trust into us, so that we can to start to work together to achieve your goal.

The First Consultation for our international patients is always free of charge, whether you visit us personally, or if you do it via Skype.

Personal Attention

If you live outside Spain and for any reason you are considering assisted reproduction treatment in our country, it is important that you get to know the International Department at Tahe Fertility, where our bilingual team will guide you through the process and help you with anything you need.

Tahe Fertility currently treats patients from all over Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Simone C. Völzgen

  International assistant

  Email: [email protected]

Victoria García

  International assistant      

  Email: [email protected]