Fertility Preservation

In recent times, women have been delaying motherhood very significantly; the average age to have the first child is above 32 year old. However, reproductive health of women decreases with age, especially in the mid-thirties. This is because a woman has at birth approximately one million eggs, and as the first period appears, the number drops to about 400,000.

From here, during each menstrual cycle, about 1000 eggs are used, but only one gets mature, losing the rest of them. All that limits the reproductive capacity of women because, continuously, she will have fewer amounts of eggs and also they will have lower quality.

For this reason Vitrification of Oocytes has develop a high interest recently, not only as a technique to preserve the fertility of women who were undergoing surgery or potentially harmful treatments to her ovaries, such as radiation or chemotherapy, but also for helping women who postpone parenthood after 35, for many other reasons.

Tahe Fertility has the technology to carry out this technique, also has the right authorization from the Ministry of Health of the Region of Murcia to perform it.

What is Egg Vitrification?

This innovative technique involves the ultra-rapid freezing of the egg. In a few seconds and using cryoprotectants, the eggs are vitrified avoiding the formation of ice crystals, that would be harmful to themselves.

What is the ideal age for a woman to become pregnant?

Specialists believe that the ideal age for a woman to have children is between 20 and 30 years. The possibility that a woman will become pregnant during this period of menstrual cycle is around 20%: From 100 women seeking for pregnancy, only 20 will achieve pregnancy in that cycle. In addition, as women get older, this number goes down to around 1% at 40 years of age.

When is the best time to vitrify eggs?

Nowday, if a woman decides to vitrify their eggs at the age of 35 to postpone their fertility five years, when she is 40 years old, she would have the same chances of conceiving than when she was 35, thanks to this revolutionary technique.

We advise to preserve fertility between 30 and 35 years. It can be performed before or after, but not later than 40 years old.

¿What are the advantages of egg vitrification?

Vitrified eggs offer the same chance of success than fresh eggs. These results were unimaginable a few years ago, when the advantages of freezing gametes were reserved just for men.

Did you know...

…frozen embryos can be used throughout your fertile life.