Fertile chip Tahe Fertilidad

What is the FERTILECHIP?

It is a technique of sperm selection that allows us to sort those sperm with better mobility and morphology, lower levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and above all, less fragmentation of double-stranded DNA.

How does it work?

The FERTILE CHIP is a special, single-use slide, that has a chamber connected through a microfluidic channel. The semen sample is deposited in the inlet chamber and the sperm that has been able to swim through the channel are collected in the outlet chamber, ready to be used in an assisted reproduction treatment.

In which patients is it indicated to use it?

  • Patients with high levels of DNA double strand fragmentation.
  • Patients with slower embryonic kinetics, in previous cycles.
  • Patients with implantation failures.
  • Patients who have experienced repeat abortions.
Fertile chip Tahe Fertilidad
Fertile chip Tahe Fertilidad