Embryoscope Tahe Fertilidad


The “time lapse” system and the EmbryoViewer® software are integrated in a new compact incubator, the EmbryoScope®. This advanced system offers the possibility of making a film in real time of the embryonic development.

In addition, the latest developments in embryonic culture are integrated with a strict temperature control minimizing almost to zero the changes that occur when the incubator door is opened, a rapid recovery of the levels of gases (CO2 and O2), a continuous air circulation and purification, etc.

What advantages does the Embrioscope offer us?

  • Improves the culture conditions of embryos.
  • Improves the selection of embryos.
  • Improves embryo implantation rate.
  • It allows us to obtain images of embryonic development minute by minute, providing patients with the first images of their embryos.

Who is it for?

  • Couples who undergo assisted reproduction treatments.
  • Couples that have had several unsuccessful cycles of IVF .
  • Patients who are going to perform a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis treatment.