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Endometriosis awareness month

Welcome to the endometriosis awareness month! We at Tahe Fertilidad are aiming to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of endometriosis for women who may not yet have a diagnosis.    What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a common and long-term condition, estrogen-dependent, characterized by the growing of endometrial tissue (the lining of the uterus)...
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Robert Maettner

We have been visited this week by the German embryologist, Robert Maettner. Mr. Maettner works in a Fertility Clinic in the town of Ulm, which is located in Southern Germany. He has come to Tahe Fertilidad as a part of his training to get his accreditation as a clinical embryologist.
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The FERTILE® chip is a simple and innovative sperm selection device that selects the best quality sperm for ICSI using the microfluidics technique. The spermatozoa selected with FERTILE® show better motility, morphology, low rates of fragmentation of single and double-stranded DNA and a lower quantity of reactive oxide species (ROS). The use of this device...
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