Before Christmas, look inside you with respect

“Attention is the more valuable currency that I have to pay the inside freedom” Gurdieff.

Now that Christmas time is upon us, you may not be in the mood to enjoy the festivities, attend the parties, etc We can feel obligated to follow the “family protocol” even if we don´t feel like it.

Don´t forget about yourself during the festivities, listen to your inner thoughts and if do not feel in the mood, then respect yourself and find other ways to help you feel better during this time.

You don’t have to be forced into the maelstrom of shopping, candy, celebration, etc. You can celebrate Christmas in a quieter way:

  • Understand that it is OK to say “no” to certain events, even if it means you have to invent an excuse (this may be necessary in order to take care of yourself). There may be some events you will have to attend, but others can be avoided for sure.
  • Take a small vacation with your partner and go to the mountains, beach or other places that can provide you with a calm environment that will help you relax.
  • Use those days to attend that course that you have been looking forward to do, that painting that you wanted to draw, to write, to walk through mountains, etc. Focus your attention and choose those things that can help you to feel better.

Maybe next year you are in better situation, but now this is what you need.

With respect and affection, make these days time for care and inner listening.

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