Artificial Insemination

What is artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination (AI) is a technique used in assisted reproduction. It is quick and simple and has been used for a long time. It consists of placing the semen, once improved in our laboratory, inside the uterus using a very fine cannula.

What is the process?

Once our specialists have determined that AI is the most appropriate technique for your case, the steps are the following:

Ovarian stimulation

To improve the effectiveness of AI we use medication to induce ovulation. The dose is calculated for each patient, in order to avoid over-stimulation of the ovaries that can result in multiple pregnancy. It is essential to measure the evolution of the ovaries with regular ecographies so that we can control the body’s response, which are sometimes backed up with hormonal analyses. During this time you will attend the centre between two and four times. The process is simple and usually you do not need to take time off work.

Preparation of the sperm

On the day of insemination the male provides our andrology laboratory with a sperm sample. We isolate and concentrate the mobile sperm, keeping them in an appropriate culture medium to maintain fertility. This laboratory process takes one to two hours, after which the insemination can be carried out.


Did you know ...

 …AI can be carried out using sperm from a partner, called conjugal artificial insemination (CAI), or from donor sperm, artificial insemination by donor (AID).

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